Why Long Term Weight Loss Starts In Your Liver, Not Your Stomach

There are countless cleanse style diets on the market today, but only one seeks to break the weight gain cycle by targeting the body’s natural inclination to store and expand its fat stores in the first place – by cleansing the body’s liver and fat cells of toxins.

The Secret To Permanent Weight Loss Isn’t In The Belly – It’s In The Liver

What Dr. Charles Livingston, a nutrition and fitness expert and qualified Chiropractic Physician, has found is that most diet and exercise programs that offer temporary weight loss results get it wrong – at least in terms of pointing “losers” toward weight loss that’s permanent, healthy and easy to maintain. That’s because fat is the body’s natural defense mechanism against toxins. The more toxins that are present in the body, the more it will want to create and expand fat cells to store them.

When Dr. Livingston created his Fat Loss Factor weight loss program, he built it based on this unhealthy relationship between toxins and fat. So, instead of losing weight by merely shrinking fat cells and flooding the bloodstream and liver with those stored up toxins, triggering an inevitable rebounding effect – Fat Loss Factor works to thoroughly flush these toxins out of one’s system long before they can be trapped in new fat.

The liver is the body’s key cleansing agent – it’s job is to break down toxic substances like cholesterol. Inundate the liver with too many of these toxins and fat can accumulate. However, with the Fat Loss Factor weight loss program, the 12-week process begins with a thorough cleansing of the liver – getting it healthy and primed to handle the newly released toxins old fat cells will release as it rapidly loses weight.

And, lose weight participants do. Thanks to this new and trailblazing methodology, weight loss on the Fat Loss Factor weight loss program can rack up to as much as 1.2 pounds per day or 9 pounds every 11 days. What’s more, Fat Loss Factor isn’t a temporary fix. Unlike so many diet and exercise programs, this weight loss approach gives users the tools they need to restore cellular health, take the burden off of their livers, boost their immune systems, achieve monumental weight loss and keep the weight loss off for the long term via natural and healthy eating techniques, strength and cardio exercise and stress avoidance techniques.

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