What's Your Reason for Weight Loss?

So the big question is: What's the real reason you want to lose weight?

a pic of the beach to get you excited about how you'll look after you do a weightlosswars competition. Because remember, there are so many reasons to lose weight, but the one that is important is the one that helps you to get there and to keep the healthy body weight permanent.

See, sometimes we get discouraged and we need something to keep us going. This is because the definition of integrity is to stick with your plans and commitment after all the fervor and the excitement have faded. If you can manage to continue to remain faithful to your goals to lose weight, then you will be on the way to greatness.

A famous Olympic swimmer was once asked what his secret was for greatness. "What keeps you going?" he was asked, "What makes you great in spite of all the odds stacked constantly against you?"

His secret? In his own words, this humble young man who did not look like the pompous type you might expect out of someone with such staggering success in the world of athletics. He was quiet, and his response was amazing: "I kick when I don't feel like kicking, and I stroke when I don't feel like stroking." This Olympic swimmer certainly has a lot that he can teach us about weight loss. There are times when we will want to give up, but we must not. There are times when we feel like we don't want to kick, we don't want to resist the urge to eat, but we must resist. There are times when our natural body wants us to just lie around and not go on that run, but we must go on that run.

The greatness and the seeds of integrity and commitment exist in all of us as God's children, and we should follow the example of this great Olympic swimmer and find the greatness of our healthy self within.

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