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So I was on YouTube this morning and I randomly thought I'd do a search for weight loss wars and found this review by a guy named Jordan who we don't even know at WeightLossWars who had done a review of our site.

I guess he did a competition sometime this last winter and apparently rocked it! His weight loss wars review was obviously positive so we're happy because we have worked hard and continue to work hard to provide the best experience for weight loss in a fun, competitive, supportive atmosphere that can be gauged to the individual needs of people who want to lose weight.

My name is Pete Maughan and I noticed that this guy Jordan lost 48 pounds or so in his competition and I just want to say that some people might say that to lose this amount of weight in a period of a few months might be something you should consult your doctor about. But on a side note, I think that sometimes we don't consider the fact that although people say it's dangerous to lose that amount of weight too quickly, what is also dangerous is holding on to an extra 50-60 pounds. But I guess I think we all know this but I just wanted to say that we really need to be thinking of our health.

Another thing that was cool that I noticed in the video as I watched it a couple times was that Jordan said he was finally going to take up wake boarding and doing things that he apparently had been embarrassed or simply unable to do in the past because of his being overweight. One of the great things about doing a weight loss contest on weightlosswars is that you get to have fun and sort of lose your inhibitions while you compete to lose weight. Then once you're done, you actually get to have even more fun while you do the activities that you have been putting off, or which you've been unable to participate.

We naturally invite you to join our site, get to know our competitions, and start your own weight loss challenge or join one with new buddies you can meet right here on our weight loss social network.

Peter Maughan is a contributor on Weightlosswars.com. Pete Maughan's Health & Wellness knowledge in the weight loss industry and particularly in the competition weight loss sector enables him to provide insights into your weight loss journey.

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