Weight Loss Can Be Achieved by Chewing Food at Least 40 Times

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Are you interested in dropping off some pounds? Here’s an effective way on how to do just that. According to a study that Chinese researchers conducted, chewing your food at least 40 times can lead one to eat less. Once again, your mom’s advice was right. The study encourages people not to eat fast instead, take a slow pace at chewing and take more time in doing so. How were the researchers able to prove that their theory was effective? This is how they did it.

The researchers made 30 individuals participate in the study that they conducted. The group consisted of 14 obese and 16 lean individuals. All of them were male. The participants were then made to fast for at least 12 hours. After that, they were then told to go to the laboratory for breakfast. What was served to them? Pork pie, which is also known as the common breakfast for the Chinese was served to them. While they ate, a video camera recorded what happened. It focused on how fast the participants chewed their food.

The volunteers were given the same serving each but they could still request for more. The prediction of the researchers was that the ones who were obese are the ones who would chew less. What they thought was right. The obese individuals ate in a fast pace and were the ones who consumed more calories than the lean participants. This event led the researchers at Harbin Medical University to conduct another experiment. This time, the men were taken to the laboratory and same as before they were served pork pie and were advised that they can eat as much as they can.

On the first day, the participants were made to chew every bite that they make at least 15 times. During the second day, the participants were made to chew each bite 40 times. It was then found out that those who chewed more had lowered levels of the hunger hormone called ghrelin. Aside from that, they also consumed less calories. In conclusion, the scientists said that chewing less is a number one contributor to obesity. For this reason, they highly recommend people to chew their food more and slowly so that they would be able to eat less thus achieve weight loss. This practice is very effective so why not try it?

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