Want to Lose Weight? Try Using a Bigger Fork When You Eat!

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One misconception about forks that most people believe is that, one uses a big fork, more food gets consumed. Actually, there is no truth to that at all. Did you know that latest research reveals that if you use a big fork during meals, you will be able to eat a lesser amount of food? It may sound surprising but it’s true. This claim is supported by three individuals namely: Tamara, Arul and Himanshu Mishra. They are from the University of Utah and are the ones who did a study on the effect of big forks to food consumption.

In this study, they chose a well-known Italian restaurant as venue. Two sets of forks were used when it was done. The first set was composed of big forks. On the other hand, the second set contained regular-sized forks. The duration of the study was two days. During that time, tables were chosen by random and some of them would receive huge forks while others got small ones. Before giving food to the customers, their plates were weighed. Once the customers finished eating, their plates were weighed once more. You know what they found out? It turns out that the customers who made use of smaller forks consumed more food than those who used bigger ones.

This only goes to show the size of the forks really affected the way people eat their food. What is the reason behind this? According to the diners who used smaller forks, they said that they felt like they were consuming little food because the forks they used seemed to give them only small amounts. This is why they ate more because they thought that they were not eating enough. Due to this reason, it is clear that using a bigger fork when eating really helps one control their food consumption thus aid individuals in losing weight. Although this is just a new technique, it is worth trying because it is one effective way to lose weight and minimize overeating.

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