Some of the Latest Weight Loss Success Stories on Weightlosswars

"Being part of a Team on weightlosswars has been the most amazing and supportive experience I've had in ages. But possibly even more important was that it finally made something that I have dreaded become something I am excited to participate in! I had been unable to motivate myself on a weight loss program, and weightlosswars was the perfect spark that launched me into a competition and into losing weight. I feel much better about myself now because I have stuck with it. Weight loss wars has several things that I have used to increase my accountability factor. For example, I have requested my trainer at the gym to be a motivator for me in which she gets reminders to check up on me. That was extremely helpful, but also the daily support from other team members in the weight loss challenge I've been participating in have been completely invaluable. We were doing it together, (we were losing together and not gaining alone as weightlosswars' slogan says!) not aloneand it WORKED FOR ME FINALLY! Thank you for this wonderful weight loss competition AND support site!"
Erica L. J.
Springville, Utah

"Just like so many...I've been "meaning" to lose weight for many many years but I just got in the habit of eating too casually. I ate essentially whatever I wanted because that now that I'm a grown up, I no longer have parents holding me back. Because of this my weight has really crept up. So when the chance to join a Weight Loss Team in a weight loss team challenge on weightlosswars came up, something made me respond deep in the recesses of my mind- I'm so incredibly glad I did. The great thing about weightlosswars has been that I don't wanna spend an hour per week going to meetings because I'd rather spend the hours working out or spending time doing outdoor activities with my family). At the same time, I realize that one of my major issues that has held me back from weight loss success in the past is real accountability. I've discovered that with Weight Loss Wars I get both moral support because every single last ounce lost is excitedly celebrated. But also the struggles on the rough days bring encouragement from team mates, pats on the back, and hugs. There's constantly this support group available in my weight loss challenge. Reporting daily calorie logs, weekly weigh ins (and sometimes I weigh in even every day because I'm so happy and excited to be sticking with my plan) has been invaluable and inspiring to help me keep on track. I'm going on 21 consecutive weeks losing weight!!! Can you believe it?! That is almost 6 months of this and I almost want to say that I'm just getting started. This is a first for me and in the first weight challenge I lost 21 pounds! As well as since then I've lost an additional 33 lbs and I'm on my way to where I wanna be... in fact I'm so happy that I'm only a dozen pounds from my goal weight!"
Sarah P.
Sacramento, CA

"I was looking for biggest loser challenge ideas because hitting the trail and restricting my calories to lose weight has been such a long, painful, and tedious thing for me in the past that I have given up each time. But my Weight Loss Wars competition and the weight loss competition aspect have been great motivators this time around. When you're alone in the weight loss monotony it is just too easy to sneak in an extra soda or snack. But when you've got a team to report to and the outcome of the team's weekly effort could be determined largely by you, you think twice about finishing the snack or even reaching for it in the first place. Where I have felt low in the past and have been ready to quit, the Team support has been able to pick me up and keep me going."
Peter C.
White Plains, New York

"Woo Hoo! Finally something that hits at the nerve that gets me going! This is working people! I'd attempted just about every weight loss plan out there it seems and nothing seemed to motivate me to finally drop the weight like weight wars has. I thrive with the daily accountability that my particular weight loss competition has required of me. I noticed that some of the weight loss competitions require weekly weigh-ins and that is great (and I almost wish that I was in one of those competitions some days but I've really enjoyed the daily requirements in this challenge.) And having a team group that have really gotten to know me in my little particular weaknesses as well as my small and large success milestones has been a secret formula. Thanks to my fellow weight loss competitors, I'm now 82 pounds lighter!"
Jennifer T.
Chicago, IL

"I really just needed an outlet for being myself but also being accountable to a group who cares about my success. I've tried weight watchers, but you have to pay monthly just to be involved. Here on weightlosswars I've been given the support to lose this weight from my fellow competitors and also my team mates. I find myself making better choices about what I'm eating because I know I'm gonna have to tell my team members what I ate today."
Dallas, TX

"I just wanted to thank weightlosswars for helping me participate in a weight loss competition. They have been the best for me at helping me lose weight. They helped me set up my little weightlosswars profile at the beginning, helped me reset my password, and even more importantly, they have helped keep me focusing on the weight loss challenge instead of having to weigh in at work like I had to do in the last biggest loser challenge at work I participated in at my company. The people I'm competing with this time in our company team weight loss contest have been communicating on the competition "wall" and they have been the ones who understand me and what I'm facing as I try to get my scale to stop sticking! lol. The challenge has been fun, I've only lost 11 pounds, but that is truly the most weight I have dropped in over 12 years so I'll take it! This competition has been a really great help and motivator."
Justin C.
Lindenhurst, Illinois

If you have a success story on weightlosswars, please tell us about it so we can share it with the world!

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