Overcoming Fitness Stumbling Blocks

You felt good after a day when you were successful with both the exercise and the eating. I hope that you are having these kinds of feelings often and that you are having success. There are always going to be some stumbling blocks that pop up. Let me go over a few so that when you get to them youll know how to hurdle right over them.

Injuries: Avoid these like the plague! Injuries just stink. When you get injured your whole momentum gets halted and its hard to start up again. Remember...

*Always stretch before and after a workout. If your muscles arent warmed up, they are prone to injuries

*Ease into an exercise routineand dont push yourself beyond your fitness levelI learned this the hard way. I was training for the St. George Marathon last October. I had a plan that I was following, but then I went on some vacations and slacked off a little in my training. When I got back I went on a 12 mile run because that is what my program said I was supposed to do. Sure enough, I injured my foot and wasnt able to run in the marathon...huge bummer.

*Listen to your bodyif something doesnt feel right, dont justrunthrough it. Rest it and see a doctor. The sooner you catch an injury the less recovery time youre likely to have.

Boredom. Already bored of your routine? Try multi-tasking. I love this trick, because with two toddlers running around, I dont have time for everything I want to get done before the kids wake up. So, I read while Im riding the stationary bike. I get a good workout and Ive got in the reading I wanted to do. This helps the time to go by a lot quicker.
Weather. Do you live in a place with extreme weather? Always have an indoor back-up plan. A gym, rec. center, indoor pool, etc. Many communities have rec. centers with very reasonable fees.
Lack of Motivation. Re-visit the reasons for wanting to achieve your goal in the first place. Is it because you want to fit into a certain clothing item, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, or control your diabetes? Whatever it is, just consider how bad you want it and then stick to the plan until it becomes second nature.

Dont let these silly road blocks keep you from achieving your goals. Be aware of them and then be ready to beat them.

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