Nutritional Rebalancing Weight Loss Program Fights Obesity Epidemic

Nutrition and fitness expert and qualified Chiropractic Physician has unlocked a once overlooked problem in the diet and fitness industry: that rapid fat loss and the release of toxins it creates in the body inevitably leads to a rebounding effect. This yo-yo factor is why so many overweight individuals can manage to lose the weight temporarily – only to find they take on more fat and pounds as the years wear on.

Nutritional Rebalancing Weight Loss Program Breaks The Rebounding Cycle

Fat is the body’s natural defense against toxins – and these toxins along with excess calories are usually taken in via the diet. The more toxins the body is exposed to, the more the body sends up its defenses by way of fat – the only natural mechanism by which the human body can manage harmful substances that the body cannot metabolize on its own.

When a person diets via calorie restriction and/or exercise, they shrink these fat cells and give those stores toxins nowhere else to go but straight into the individual’s bloodstream. Unfortunately, this sets up a vicious cycle where the body is naturally compelled to create more fat cells to try and trap these toxins before they do any harm to the immune system via the digestive tract, skin and even the liver and kidneys. So, even if a diet is successful in the long term, without the proper focus on nutrition, proper and safe detoxification and fat elimination, no dieter will ever be able to maintain weight loss for the long term unless they delve deeper to the problem’s source.

Fat Loss Factor, the weight loss program by Dr. Charles Livingston, offers the weight loss tips necessary to stop the toxic fat storage cycle dead in its tracks. Promising results as high as 9 pounds of fat loss every 11 days, Fat Loss Factor employs Nutritional Rebalancing and cellular cleansing to safely eliminates the body of toxins, washes away fat and shuts down the body’s natural inclination to trap toxins by expanding or creating fat cells. Also instrumental in the Fat Loss Factor approach is a commitment to balanced exercise, natural and organic eating, positive and proactive thinking and more frequent smaller meals throughout the day.

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