Lose 9 Pounds Every 11 Days With Doctor’s Help – Introducing The Fat Loss Factor Method

According to research aggregated into the Fat Loss Factor by Dr. Charles Livingston, there are many foods and behaviors that can help to maximize weight loss; there are also countess foods that can cause weight gain. The key to his #1 Rated Weight Loss Program: nutritional rebalancing – in essence a cellular cleansing that removes toxins from the body, shrinks the fat cells that store them and restores the body to good health and a maintainable and healthy weight.

Nutritional Rebalancing Is Not A Diet – But Weight Loss Results Are Impressive

When fat cells swell and weight gain occurs, the misconception is that this is merely the body’s response to taking in excess calories. While overdoing it at the unlimited buffet that is the Western Diet can wreak havoc on the waistline, the biggest culprit working against anyone hoping to reach and maintain a healthy weight are actually excess toxins. The fact is, the human body creates fat cells as a means of storing unwanted toxins. The more toxins the body is exposed to via the diet and environment, the bigger those fat cells grow.

In Dr. Charles Livington’s new Fat Loss Factor program, weight loss tips center entirely around the concept of cellular cleansing – literally ridding fat cells of toxins and feeding the body cleaner, healthier foods, all the while introducing healthier behaviors and affirmations. The staggering weight loss that follows across this 12-week weight loss program are astonishing – some participants report 1.2 pounds of weight loss per day (as much as 9 pounds every 11 days) – all because they are focusing their weight loss efforts on shrinking fat cells permanently and establishing detoxifying habits for the long term to help stave off new fat growth. 

The Fat Loss Factor weight loss program not only includes a complete strategy that illustrates the path for establishing a healthy diet, it also provides important muscle development strategies that use strength and training workouts to speed body fat burn. Finally, Fat Loss Factor taps into the mind with tips on staying motivated and informed on how to keep off the weight long term. From sample workouts and recipes, to calorie and weight loss calculator tools, exercise logs and advanced detox and grocery shopping guides, Fat Loss Factor is a comprehensive guide for anyone wanting to lose weight healthfully without rebounding.

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