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AT the final class of The Natural Weight Loss Guide, everyone has the same question: “What should I do now that the program is over?” My answer is that the program is never over and now that they have reawakened their own healing ability, they are ready to begin another phase of their healing journey. The skills and knowledge they have acquired is something they can use for the rest of their lives. Restoring and maintaining true harmony within the body and between the body and the Universe is not a one-day, nor a six-week, project. The Natural Weight Loss Guide is a unique beginning but is, in reality, a lifetime’s worth of work. The Natural Weight Loss Guide is forever, as I hope your daily Qigong practice will be.

For a month and one-half now, you have been learning how to take care of yourself in new ways. You have been thinking differently about food and developing a new relationship with it. You have been choosing foods that will harmonize with your body and assist you energetically. You have learned that Eating for Healing is the way to use food as a medicine to help make profound changes. At the beginning of The Natural Weight Loss Guide, you may have thought of this program as just another diet plan. But by now, you understand that it is something much deeper, something more lasting. Of course you may have taken off pounds and inches, but much more important, you have regained your life and health. Here‘s a perspective from one of The Natural Weight Loss Guide graduates.

One of the major complaints of the modern world is that there is not enough energy. Now you really know about energy. You know about the real Qi of the Universe that makes everything move and flow. You have some real knowledge about Qi or energy—how to increase it and how to maintain it. Wu Ming Meridian Therapy is something you can use for the rest of your life to ensure greater health and vitality.

During The Natural Weight Loss Guide, you have learned a whole new way to view your body, and about the interrelationship of your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. In other words, you have been learning to relate to yourself as an integrated whole. These six weeks may have brought tremendous change for many of you. Look how far you’ve come.

While you have undoubtedly been focused on shedding weight throughout The Natural Weight Loss Guide, many other changes were taking place that were not necessarily as apparent to you. That is one reason I asked you to fill out the checklists so you could see for yourself the differences before and after the six weeks. As you can see, many things were happening while you weren’t looking!

If you ate the healing foods and practiced Qigong, your body has begun the process of deep change, but it needs time to learn to rebuild and refunction. You did not wake up one morning with ten, twenty, thirty, or more pounds of excess weight. The extra pounds and other symptoms of imbalance of your internal organ systems happened over time, and you can heal the imbalances over time as well. If you were able to rid yourself of excess baggage during these six weeks, it is a sign that your digestive system is healing and that your ability to cope with stress is increasing.

If you have practiced the ideas and techniques presented here through all six weeks, consider yourself a graduate of The Natural Weight Loss Guide! But please don’t stop practicing what you’ve learned. Now more than ever, it’s vital for you to take this knowledge one step further.

While the formal program is over, the processing of Qi that you have initiated is not yet completed. Don’t give yourself the message, “Oh, I’m done. I’m so good. I lost such and such amount of weight. I had these different health changes. Now it is over.” Health is not a destination; it is a way of life. Tell yourself that The Natural Weight Loss Guide is just beginning. You can gradually eat other foods. You can now add other things back into your eating plan. Don’t deprive yourself of things you really love to eat, but notice how your body now reacts to them. The real benefit is not what you can do in six weeks, but what you can do for the rest of your life. You have literally awakened your self-healing ability. Be smart and nurture it so it doesn’t go right back to sleep, or slip away forever.

Some of you who have achieved a certain level of healing might find that as time goes on you have hit a plateau. Be patient. Your body may need a rest. Even if you have not taken off very much weight or inches in these initial weeks, if you have been practicing the Wu Ming Meridian Therapy and Eating for Energy, your internal systems are definitely getting stronger. This is when you must trust yourself more and keep practicing so that you’ll be prepared for the next breakthrough. Be patient and, most of all, do not start worrying. Worrying affects your spleen and your stomach, and it could put you back into a cycle of gaining weight.

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