Is Fat Loss Factor Weight Loss Program A Scam?

The Fat Loss Factor weight loss plan is a top rated weight loss program that combines intense detoxification, fat loss, diet changes and stress management to help participants lose a purported 9 pounds every 11 days over the course of a 12 week period. But is Fat Loss Factor a scam or does it really deliver the long term and sustainable weight loss and far melting results that it so boldly promises? 

Fat Loss Factor Weight Loss Program – The Unvarnished Truth

Based on the proven science of nutritional rebalancing through cellular cleansing and created by nutrition and fitness expert Dr. Charles Livingston, the Fat Loss Factor weight loss program does indeed produce staggering weight loss and health benefits to users to follow the program to the letter. Beginning with a two week intense period of detoxification, the FLF diet prepares the liver for the fat loss and toxin release that is to come. This isn’t a typical “Master Cleanse” type program. Instead, FLF encourages the introduction of organic and clean superfoods to aid in the detoxification of the body naturally and safely. Following this two week detox, the introduction of new eating habits and exercise are introduced – and the skills built during the final ten weeks are meant to carry participants on throughout their healthier and more energetic new lives.

What many dieters do not realize is that the body creates fat as a means of protecting itself from substances it can not metabolize; from cholesterol to chemicals to insoluble fats, fat cells provide a way for the body to prevent these toxins from entering the bloodstream and potentially “toxing out” organs, the immune system and one’s overall health. By ridding the body of these toxins in a natural way, the Fat Loss Factor weight loss program works to minimize the liver’s natural inclination to create excess fat cells in the first place.

Of course, excess calories, poor and toxic dietary choices, lack of exercise and stress also are major players in creating fat and causing the body to take on weight. Fortunately, the Fat Loss Factor program effectively addresses those as well by offering everything from calorie counters, weight loss calculators, exercise and cooking videos, grocery shopping lists, recipes and stress management techniques.

Bottom line: the Fat Loss Factor weight loss program is far from a scam. It is a clinically derived, proven, scientifically sound and manageable diet and exercise program that not only produces amazing weight loss in the short term, but also prepares participants to live more healthfully in the long-term.

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