I started The Natural Weight Loss Guide…

I started The Natural Weight Loss Guide not so much to lose weight, but mainly because I was getting up in the morning and feeling really sluggish, with everything—from my back to my legs—hurting. My knees bothered me so much that I had to have surgery. And that’s not all. Every time I ate, I had indigestion. I’d eat at the best restaurant in town, and I’d still feel terrible afterwards. In general, I felt like everything was going to pot.

Then I started The Natural Weight Loss Guide. By the fourth week, I started feeling better and losing weight. Now that I’m off the program, I’m not craving junk food and don’t even want to drink soda or any of that stuff. When I feel that sluggish fog return, I do the Wu Ming Meridian Therapy, and I do feel better, and clearer. Also, my knees have stopped hurting for the first time in a long time, for which I am really grateful.

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