How to Invite your Friends to Lose Weight with You

So you want to invite a friend to lose weight with you? But you dont know how to do it without offending/being awkward/ looking like anidiot?

Dont worry, you are not alone! One of the most difficult parts about losing weight in a group is inviting people to lose weight with you. Weight can be such a touchy issue and you always want to deal with it sensitively.

Of course, you could always just email them one of the invitations on the site that starts with this:


I can tell just by looking at those funky shoes you've been wearing that you haven't seen your feet in a while. Tell me, when you get on the scale in the morning does it say, "to be continued?" Well, quit yer whining, you're not the only one. I've got more rolls than a bakery, and I'm ready for a change.

Yes. Yes, that IS the pre-written invitation that you can send out to your friends online when you invite them to join a weight loss competition on Now, Im not ripping on whoever wrote that invite... wait... yes I am. It aint no good.

Dont send that invite. Unless you hate the person. Or have a very comfortable/ slightly meanrelationship with them. But trust me on this one, you dont want to send that bad boy to your boss.

So how DO you invite someone to do a weight loss competition with you without implying that they are fat?

Heres a few suggestions that might help:

· Always mention that you are doing it first. People will feel less judged if you tell them from the get-go, “Im involved in aweight loss competitioninstead of just sayingI think YOU should getinvolved in a weight loss competition.”

· Tell people that you need support in your goals, and that when they join, not only are they helping themselves, but they are supporting YOU. Interestingly enough, people sometimes respond better to helping others than to helping themselves.

· You might mention that the goal is to live a healthy lifestyle. Thats something that everyone, no matter their weight, should be striving for, so it wont sound too offensive. TryI have been feeling so much better since I joined this weight loss competition. Ive been eating healthier and exercising too and I just feel so healthy! Would you be interested in doing it with me?”

· Mention the incentives. Most people on compete for money. One of the first rules of economics is that people respond to incentives. Sometimes just losing the weight isnt enough motivation for people, but once you add an incentive- a little bit of cash and a little healthy competition, people will quickly spring to action.

· Always be careful to read a situation. If the person seems interested or mentions that their weight is a problem, you can speak a little more openly. However, if someone seems to draw away or become very shy, its best to not push the issue. Instead, just continue in your competition and show them through example how much healthier you feel and how much weight youre losing. Chances are theyll be chomping at the bit to join your next competition!

Show them the site! Especially the testimonials! Anyone will be convinced after they see how well it has worked for thousands of people across the country.

What ideas do you have for successfully inviting friends to start a weight loss competition?

Now, go on, what are you waiting for? Start inviting everyone you know, set up your competition, and begin shedding those pounds! Remember, you can lose together or you can gain alone!

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