How To Achieve Healthy Weight Loss Fast With Fat Loss Factor

In just 12 weeks on a revolutionary cellular cleansing diet called Fat Loss Factor, participants have lost as much as 1.2 pounds every day on average and roughly 9 pounds every 11 days. How? By breaking the vicious fat burning and fat building cycle that regular calorie restrictive diet and exercise plants merely mask or ignore altogether.

Healthier Weight Loss Targets Toxins Not Just Calories

On the Fat Loss Factor weight loss program, participants do learn how to eat healthier, live healthier, exercise better, manage stress and curb those inclinations to grab the wrong food choices – but the foundation of the weight loss system is decidedly different from the norm. That’s because Fat Loss Factor by Dr. Charles Livingston addresses the toxins that burden a body’s fat cells and works to eliminate them from the body and from the user’s lifestyle for good.

Why is targeting the toxins the healthiest approach to weight loss yet? It’s simple. Fat is the body’s natural defense against toxins it otherwise can’t metabolize – things like cholesterol, insoluble fats and even toxic chemicals. Recognizing these substances as potentially harmful to the body’s delicate ecosystem, the liver sends up fat cells to store them safely away. That’s why so many traditional dieters fail where Fat Loss Factor users do not – because they shrink those protective fat cells and release toxic substances back into the body. Once the liver recognizes their existence, they send them right back to be trapped in another fat cell – thus rebounding the dieter into a vicious gain/loss cycle they can never get out of unless they manage to safely rid the body of the toxins altogether.

With Fat Loss Factor, the first 2 weeks of the 12-week program work to effectively purge the liver of harmful toxins. Once the liver is healthy and ready to cleanse the body more effectively, the system then seeks to wash away fat and its stored toxins permanently – thus breaking the gain/loss cycle. What’s more, Fat Loss Factor participants get important weight loss tips on how to eat more healthfully, avoid toxins moving forward, work out more effectively, manage stress which leads to unhealthy habits and they enjoy greater immunity, more strength, boosts in energy and so much more.

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