Help Yourself Quit Smoking and Lose Weight Through Weight Lifting!

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Have you decided to let go of old habits and vices that you once had? Are you interested in losing some weight? If that is the case, then think no further and start weightlifting! According to a recent research that was published on the official website of the Journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research, individuals who were able to go through a full 12-week weight lifting sessions were able to totally quit smoking! However, these sessions was also combined with smoking-cessation treatment to make the process faster. This is what makes this study different from the others because most of the time.

Aerobics has been the main focus of most researchers and they look at it as the number one remedy for people to be able to quit the bad habit. So did they come to this conclusion? First of all, what they did was to gather some participants and all of them were smokers. The group was made to do training sessions that lasted for 60 minutes each. This is for the duration of twelve weeks. The routine used the whole body and was consisted of 10 exercises. Every 3 weeks, the weight and intensity was increased by the researchers. After 12 weeks, it was found that the percentage of smokers who were able to quit smoking is 16%!

Aside from being able to get rid of the bad habit, these individuals were also able to lose weight! Incredible! On the other hand, it has been found that 8% of them who did not do the same routine as the others and did not lift weights were still able to quit smoking but gained weight instead of losing some. What surprised the researchers was that the results were not just short-term. You see, after three months that the study was done, 15% of those individuals who underwent the training were still abstaining to cigarette smoking! Although more research is needed to prove this claim, still it is clear that resistance training can really help one succeed in quitting smoking permanently and losing weight as well.

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