Flatter, Not Fatter – Belly Fat Burning Weight Loss Tips From Fat Loss Factor Dr. Charles Livingston

Of all of the fat the human body takes on during weight gain, the most detrimental for one’s overall health is belly fat. In fact, excess belly fat increases a person’s risks for heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and more. Now more than ever, it’s important to reduce belly fat with a successful weight loss program – one that eliminates belly fat for good.

Eliminate Belly Fat With The Fat Loss Factor Nutritional Rebalancing Diet

With the Fat Loss Factor weight loss program, the fat throughout the body is targeted and flushed away through a nutritional rebalancing process. By safely eliminating toxins stored in excess fat cells, the Fat Loss Factor weight loss program is able to shut down the liver’s natural drive to send up more fat cells to trap things like cholesterol, toxic chemicals and insoluble fats. This helps lead to sustainable and permanent fat loss is participants – and weight loss as rapid as 9 pounds every 11 days.

Another way the Fat Loss Factor weight loss program specifically targets belly fat is by giving participants the tools they need to combat stress. Since the stress hormone cortisol is clinically linked to heightened fat production – particularly around the midsection – gaining an upper hand on stressful situations helps lead to long-term weight and fat loss. Of course, stress can often lead to overeating and making improper food choices as well, so preparing the mind to avoid stress and learning how to stop its harmful effects is incredibly important.

How Does The Fat Loss Factor System Work? 

The program occurs over a 12-week period that begins with a 2 week detox where participants use natural organic foods and discipline to shrink and eliminate stored toxins and fat cells. At the end of the detox period, participants report major immunity and energy gains – both of which propel them into the next phase of the weight loss program which systematically adds on exercise, stress management tools and shopping and eating strategies aimed at helping to maximize fat loss.

The Fat Loss Factor weight loss program includes not only a complete strategy that paves the way toward a healthier diet, but muscle development strategies to boost fat loss and a comprehensive weight loss mind preparation guide to keep users motivated for life.

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