Body for Life

Body-for-Life is a trademarked fitness program. It combines an eating plan (six small meals a day, each meal to contain one serve of protein and one serve of carbohydrate) with an exercise program combining weight lifting and aerobic exercise. A controversial aspect of the program is the highly recommended role of dietary supplements and powder meal replacements.

The program is available in a book. The authors' profits are being donated to the Make a Wish Foundation, an international children's charity. The Body-for-Life program is based on twelve week cycles, and if you wish you may enter a competition to be judged on your results. The Body-for-Life program is very closely associated with a company called EAS and its driving force, Bill Phillips who is one of the two writers of Body-for-Life book. EAS makes dietary supplements for serious body builders, and publishes the magazine Muscle Media. The supplements recommended in the book are expensive products of EAS; however, the supplements are not a core requirement, and a case is made for them: that using supplements and meal replacement "shakes" makes following a good nutrition plan practical for working people, although other people will say that unless you plan to permanently use these supplements, why make them a crutch?

The published results achieved by many people on this program are dramatic, in some cases to the point of being almost unbelievable (the results are actually well documented, but it is not documented how accurately people are following the program). The rate of fat loss on this program should rarely exceeds an average of 1kg (2 lb) a week over the 12 weeks (widely regarded as the close to the maximum safe, sustainable and sensible rate). Participants should expect their cardiovascular fitness to significantly improve. Overall, there is a great deal to be positive about. Bear in mind that most of the before and after photos are not taken from the first 12 weeks; for beginners, there is a lot to learn. The book is weak in practical guidance (for example, how do you know what weights to start on? How do you set your fat loss and muscle gain goals?).

Body-for-Life is a trademark of Bill Phillips' publisher, Harper Collins. I haven't put ™ signs everywhere because they are annoying to enter and read, but that doesn't diminish the fact that it's a trademark. This site is completely independent of any organisation in any way connected with any of the sites or resources mentioned here. I have no nutritional training and no expertise in any fields relating to exercise, diet, weight loss or nutrition.

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