Water Can Enhance Muscle Definition

Yeah, yeah, anotherwater is good for you so you need to drink up” - article......well, kinda, sorta, but different. Follow me here. First off, even if you are after gaining weight and building muscle mass naturally, you have to do while maintaining levels body fat low. No use in building 10 pounds of muscle when its covered up 40 pounds of fat. Understand what Im saying??
Well, there are many ways to accomplish this in regards to how you eat. No, Im not going to get into calorie counting, protein / carb / fat ratios, high this, low that. Im going to briefly write about something discovered about good old water......yes, the one right from your faucet (no need to go out and burn hard earned money on crazy, expensive, hyped up bottled / flavored water.....which if you didnt realize this already, comes to be more expensive than gas for your car in gallon per gallon comparison!).
Muscle mass is made up of 70% water. Water ramps up your metabolism. Researchers conducted a study to test its thermogenic effects (how many calories it burns up because of raising your bodys internal temperature). Fourteen individuals drank 500 milliliters, which is about half of a quart. The thing is that they made sure that the water was cold.
That caused a metabolic increase of 30% over resting status. The increase occurred within 10 minutes and lasted for up to an hour. Now this didnt cause thousands of calories to get burned off in the process of trying to heat up the cold water (which is where the thermogenic process came into play) but it did burn some calories.
Now, Im a big believer in drinking water for many reasons, and this research did show that it can burn off some calories.........but as I always say, the bottom line to the two biggest factors in muscle building and weight gain will still come down to knowing and using the correct training techniques and calories. Period.

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