Stretching is an important aspect of building mass

The two golden rules for gaining mass are eat more and lift heavy. But there is one more aspect of gaining mass which is overlooked often is stretching. Many would be surprised to know that it helps in gaining mass. Stretching increases muscle and nutrient flow to the muscle tissues. It also stretches the muscle fascia. This is very important for any muscle to grow bigger. Other than this stretching helps the body to avoid injuries and also helps the muscles to recover quickly.
It is important that before you train a muscle group, you do a light stretching for that muscle group but you should never stretch when your muscles are cold. After you finish working on a muscle group, stretch that muscle group. This will stretch your connective tissue also known as muscle fascia, which allows your muscle size to grow bigger. Plus stretches have all these other advantages like it loosens your joints, muscles and ligaments; they also help in the removal of lactic acid buildup in the muscles. So always remember to stretch if you want to see your muscles grow.

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