Muscle Building Enemy - Heat Exhaustion

Muscular Development cites a study down in the Journal Applied Physiology that explains why a lot of us lose a lot of performance in the gym when engaging in muscle building workouts when we begin to get real “hot under the collar”.

Lars Nybo from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark concluded that excessive increases in body temperature from working out intensely in the heat causes fatigue. Metabolism during exercise works by taking energy from food and converting it to energy the cells use to contract muscles, send signals, control fluids, and build muscle tissue, amongst others. However, the metabolism becomes inefficient as temperature increases, so the body attempts to cool itself by diverting blood to the skin and sweating. Unfortunately, the magazine goes on to report, this blood is no longer available to deliver oxygen to the exercising muscles, which results in fatigue. 

High temperatures over longer periods in the brain disturb the capacity to contract muscles… which affect muscle building.

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