Muscle Building - Brown Sugar Not More Advantageous

When it comes to trying to burn fat so that you can reveal all of the muscle you’ve built, one of the many things that so called experts recommend is to stick to the “browns” and to avoid the “whites” when it comes to nutrition. “Brown” referring to brown sugar, brown rice, etc. And, of course, “white” referring to white sugar, white rice, etc.

Well, Becky Holman reports in IronMan that brown sugar is not more healthful that white sugar. Your body processes both the same way. Molasses makes brown sugar brown, but the calories and carbs are the same.

I love this observation by Becky because it just goes to show even further just how ridiculous diet experts have gotten in what they suggest to eat and what to avoid. Like I’ve said a million times, whether you are trying to build muscle or to burn body fat it will always, at the end of the day, come down to straight up calories, regardless of the color of the food!!!!

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