High Acid Levels Can Cause Muscle Mass Loss

There have been a few articles lately that have been written that demonstrate how a higher than normal acidic level in the body can work against your muscle building / weight gain goals. Obviously, if you consider yourself a naturally skinny person, a so-called “hardgainer”, you’ll want to factor in some of this information, as you need to ensure that you are doing everything correctly to help you with your body building programs.

Michael Gundill wrote an excellent article, in which I’d like to quote him on this matter. “Test tube studies have demonstrated that anabolism is impaired in an acid environment”. Well, you more than likely know that you want your body to be in an “anabolic” state as much as possible, since “anabolism” basically means “muscle building / weight gaining”. So, having a high acidic level in your body lowers the anabolism of the body.

Second point from Mr. Gundill: “Muscle degradation was 30 percent higher in the acid environment than with a normal pH”. “Muscle degradation” means “muscle wasting”, or “muscle losing”. So, muscle loss is 30 percent more when your blood acid levels are high.

Third point: High acid levels come from high protein diets, low carb intake, increase in ketones. In simple terms, eating a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates, which seems to be popular now-a-days, results in high levels of acid. And, as Michael states, “The result is enhanced muscle wasting, impaired fat loss, a slowed metabolism and an increased appetite”. Hmmm, I highly doubt that everyone that pounds down all of those disgusting protein shakes want that all of the efforts result in “muscle wasting, impaired fat loss, a slow metabolism”!

Next point: “If your blood is already full of acid before a workout, you’re not going to be as strong as you need to be….Acidic blood causes not only local muscular fatigue but also central fatigue…stimulating the release of…a brain chemical that makes you feel tired”. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I need to feel when I’m about to engage in a muscle building / weight gaining workout routine is tired.

Michael also writes “In one study, athletes were rendered acidotic by almost doubling their dietary intake of proteins - from 14 to 25 percent of their caloric intake - for three days. Their carb intake dropped from 46 to 10 percent to reduce their absorption of alkaline foods. Fat intake was adjusted so that the calorie totals on both diets were similar…The athletes then rode bikes fast for as long as they could. Before the change in diet, they could sustain their efforts for five minutes. With the acidic diet they could ride for only 3 1/2 minutes”. That means that the high protein, low carbohydrate diet resulted on a drop in exercise performance. Ummm, count me out!

I’d like to thank Michael Gundill and IronMan magazine for this very excellent, truth-revealing article.

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