Foods and nutritions for weight gain and muscle building

Muscle building would be possible only if all the extra calories and fats are reduced and burnt completely. But to build muscle and gain, a person must develop the stamina and power, because the process of muscle development, requires the patients, as the process is a slow, and gradual one, and does not build fast. Therefore, a person must follow the basic proper and necessities instructions to build up the muscle. This means doing the basic work outs and exercises, eat nutritious and healthy foods, get rest and sleep for at least 8 hours. By adopting these really healthy ways, a person can build up muscles, and "clean" weight in a much better way.
To begin with, for the effective muscle building, a person must eat properly. He or she must eat a healthy set of food about 2 hours before starting the exercising routine or work out, because, the muscle building exercises, requires a whole lot of stamina and energy. Also, proper.. and appropriate digestion is required, for the process of muscle development and building, the reason behind eating an hour ,or even two, before doing work-outs, or exercises, is that, it avoids digestion, while exercising, giving enough space and energy, for the process of digestion.

For the effective muscle building, a healthy eating plan should be followed. This eating plan, should have all the food groups, especially carbohydrates and proteins. Carbohydrate is the most important and basic component, that is required in the muscle building process, as it produces all the energy. The carbohydrate supplements can be got from food products, like wheat, rice and vegetables.
Another food product that is important for the development of muscle is protein. Protein has amino acid, that helps in the building of muscles. But, after the work out session, too the intake of carbohydrate is necessary, as the glycogen present in our bodies, to a state of catabolism. So, carbohydrate immediately needs to be replaced - by another set of carbohydrate. The intake of protein supplements, or protein shakes is required, as a lot of protein is used up too. Protein shakes, should taken, before having breakfast.

But the vital and the most important requirement for muscle building is correct and vigorous set of exercises, and work outs. For example, weightlifting, crunches, push ups, flyes. Sit ups etc. it would be best if it's done with weights and dumbbells. But before doing these exercises, a person should do some warm up exercises as first. Because, by doing the warm up exercises, a person creates the body heat and energy, which would accelerate the body, and make it ready for the vigorous exercises.

After the exercises and work-outs, the food intake and various other supplements, a person requires sleeping, as proper sleeps, helps in the growth of muscles. A person requires at least 8-9 hours of sleep. The intake of water is the important factor, as it is the source to supply, the nutrients and minerals, to the various parts of the body. Water is also the source for the muscle, joints and the fiber. So water intake is required that should be about 8-9 glasses daily.

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