15 Minute Muscle Building Routines

Many people today are busier than ever. They can never find time to relax. In fact, with the fast paced world that we live in, things are only getting busier. There are many problems that can arise from a stressful and busy life. A body that does not get a chance to relax does not get a chance to be healthy.
A major issue with many people is that they do not have the time to work out. This is especially significant in the jobs that require a lot of traveling. Many men want to be strong with defined muscles, but they dont know how to gain weight when traveling to achieve those results.
Do not worry. There are many things that can be done to help you develop a muscle building routine when traveling. There are many moves that can be tailored to fit your schedule and done when you have the brief amount of time. These moves would be basic exercises, but show results.
There are many combinations that can be done in 15 minutes or less to build muscle mass. Some combos will hit the entire body; others will work on specific areas. For example a routine can focus on legs and back, while another combination of moves can work on your chest and your arms.
Resistance exercises are a very effective way to work out in a short period of time to gain weight. They can be used when traveling. They can be used in hotel rooms, and also when youre sitting in the air port. For example, if you are in your hotel room with no weights but want to work your biceps, you can do resistance training to hit those muscles. You hold a wrist with your opposite hand, and then apply resistance as you curl your other arm up and back down. Do ten reps with each arm.
Another exercise you can use while traveling is a simple abdominal exercise. While sitting in a seat on a bus, jet, or anywhere else, flex your abdominals as tense as you can. Hold them tight for ten seconds and then release. Do ten reps of this. You can also work your abs and shoulders by carrying your luggage in your hand instead of on your shoulder. Do this when walking though the airport terminal to the next flight. You will definitely feel a good burn.
You can find various routines online. You can look them up by using some key words on a search engine. These workouts can certainly get your heart pumping, and, after some consistency, get your body into better shape. Eat healthy by following a diet plan, and you will begin to see results. The key is to stay motivated and to not give up!
So be aware when trying to gain muscle weight!

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